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Corporate Etiquette

Business Etiquette and International Protocol Seminars for Corporations

Do your executives possess the polished soft skills and business etiquette knowledge to best represent your company in today's global business arena?

In today's competitive global marketplace, knowing the rules of proper business etiquette is mandatory. The personal and professional demands placed on business executives today surpass any experienced in the past. The savvy executive must be able to explore new markets, develop opportunities worldwide, and master the techniques necessary to outclass the competition.

Success in getting, keeping and advancing in a job depends 85 percent on soft skills, or "people" skills, and 15 percent on technical knowledge and skills, according to three separate research projects by Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation, and the Stanford Research Institute.

First impressions are lasting. People form these impressions quickly and often unconsciously. Appearance is important, not only in first impressions, but also in ongoing interactions. In his comprehensive research on communication, sociolinguist Albert Mehrabian found that in a face-to-face encounter, 7 percent of a verbal message comes from the words used; 38 percent comes from the vocal tone, pacing and inflection; 55 percent of the message is transmitted by the speaker's appearance and body language.

The corporate executive not only represents himself, but he is also the 'face' of the organization he represents.
THE ETIQUETTE OF NEW YORK endeavors to be a partner for our client's organization, its management team, mission, and corporate culture in equipping its executive talent with the all-important business etiquette knowledge and soft skills required for success in today's global arena. We have partenered with multinational clients in the financial services, accounting, pharmaceutical, hospitality, and retailing, real estate, and manufacturing industries. Past and current clients include IBM, HSBC, Cartier, the Lowell Hotel, NYSE, MazurWeisers, and numerous others. Our world-class "Outclass the Competition" business etiquette and international protocol seminars and private executive coaching workshops will ensure that your organization and your team are ready to successfully compete in the global arena.

Corporate Seminars

I. Outclass The Competition: Business Etiquette

Topics include: Etiquette and protocol defined; benefits of etiquette and protocol intelligence; appearance and first impressions; how to distinguish yourself from the competition; presence power points; protocol for business and social introductions; handshaking; how to make an entrance and work the room; improving your mingling proficiency; remembering names; business card protocol; electronic communications; and perfecting your professional style.

II. Dine Like A Diplomat

Topics include: Business entertaining; receiving lines; host and guest duties; toasting; styles of eating; silverware savvy; American and Continental styles of eating; hands-on dining tutorial; conversation at the table; eating various foods; dining dos and don'ts; and world-class dos and don'ts.

III. How To Succeed In The International Arena

Topics include: Broaden your global awareness; the benefits of etiquette and protocol intelligence; master the first meeting; first impressions and appropriate business attire; business customs and terminology; electronic communications; importance of rank and status; business card protocol; world class handshakes; how to project cultural awareness; global conversation skills, and more.

IV. Polish Your Professional Image

Topics include: Importance of first impressions; visual, vocal and verbal impressions; image through dress; wardrobe tips for women; wardrobe tips for men; importance of quality briefcases and writing instruments; fragrance and accessories management; smart dressing for professional women; smart dressing for professional men; how clothing colors impress; and, body language.

V. Talent Development One – Day Outclass The Competition Seminar

Executive Presence, Polish and Protocol
This comprehensive one-day seminar encompasses three of the seminars– "Outclass the Competition–Business Etiquette," "Dine Like a Diplomat," "Polish Your Professional Image," and selected topics from the "How to Succeed in the International Arena"–that are outlined above. It may be scheduled for corporate retreats or on-site training.

These PowerPoint presentations are accompanied by activities that were developed to reinforce the verbal and written lessons. Participants will be provided with a workbook and engage in interactive exercises.

Custom On-Site Briefings and Seminars: Customized solutions are available for corporations who desire a higher level of business etiquette intelligence. Schedule one seminar, or schedule several seminars for a full day of invaluable business etiquette training for the professionals in your organization. Our audiences range from new professionals in the workplace to seasoned executives.

HR Partnerships: Let The Etiquette School of New York partner with your HR department to present customized and coordinated presentations to your corporate employees. We can implement your executive training programs, creating more dynamic and memorable seminars.

Executive ONE-ON-ONE Coaching Workshops

The following one-on-one workshops will provide executives with the knowledge and skills needed to enhance their personal style, project a powerful presence and be more successful in their professional and personal relationships. Each of the workshops may be scheduled on a single basis, or individuals may choose to study the program in its entirety.

Although one-on-one coaching is generally scheduled on a hourly basis, we also offer half-day and full-day programs. Corporations and universities may also want to consider supplementing the above seminars with some of our unique workshops.

I. First Impression Skills

Appearance and image; appropriate dress; attitude and body language; greetings: introducing yourself and others; how to remember names; how to make eye contact and shake hands; how your voice speaks volumes about you; and basic everyday civility.

II. Networking Events / Cocktail Parties

How to dress; how to make an entrance; introductions/handshaking; how to mingle; conversation tips;business card protocol; and how to handle cocktail utensils.

III. Conversation and Communication Skills

Basic conversation principles; how to initiate and gracefully end conversations; the art of small talk; how to enter group conversations; how to keep a conversation going; how to improve your listening skills; public speaking and presentation skills; and, how to be an effective communicator.

IV. Business Meetings / Interviews

Preparing for the meeting; greetings: handshakes and introductions; global business card protocol; meeting behavior guidelines; running a meeting; protocol for handling cultural differences; strategies for getting the job you want; recaps and follow-ups after meetings.

V. Business Lunches

Planning the business lunch; basic dining skills; avoiding the most common dining mistakes; the silent service code; ordering, paying and tipping; timing the business discussion; the follow-up call; and thank-you notes.

VI. Formal Dining Tutorial

Formal dining etiquette; proper place settings; American and Continental styles of dining; dining dos and don'ts; conversation at the table; how to eat various types of foods; wine protocol; host and guest duties; toasting etiquette; afer-dinner coffee and tea etiquette; and protocol for ordering, seating, tipping and paying.

VII. Techno-Etiquette / Written Communications

Telephone etiquette; e-mail dos and dont's; speakerphones and fax machine dos and don'ts; voice mail tips; cell phone and BlackBerry use; social networking dos and don'ts; and thank-you notes and letters.

VIII. Personal and Interpersonal Skills

How to build rapport for successful relationships; defining your goals for success; leadership skills; understanding and getting along with the 4 personality types; understanding and communicating with the 4 generations in the workplace; organizational skills; "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People," and self-confidence building tips.


Professional, ongoing executive coaching will ensure that you follow through with your corporate etiquette training; stay focused on your goals; make the right decisions in your interpersonal relationships at work; and have an objective sounding board for your concerns.

Newly-Hired Talent, Recent College Graduate, & Intern Training

The following workshops have been developed for the newly-hired individual, recent college graduate, or intern who wants to learn what will be expected of him or her and what he or she needs to do to succeed in a professional, formal work environment.


This basic two-hour business etiquette workshop will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to be successful in business. You will learn what is expected of you in the formal workplace, and the mistakes to avoid if you want to be successful. Topics include: how to make a good first impression; corporate attire; protocol for business introductions and shaking hands; business card etiquette; building rapport for successful business relationships; understanding and learning how to effectively function in a multigenerational organization; business meeting protocol–attending and conducting professional business meetings; how to be an effective communicator; techno-etiquette–telephone, cell phones, speaker phones, voice mail and fax machines; and general office etiquette.


This two-hour workshop will give you the social skills and confidence you need to land a job in today's competitive marketplace. We will address your attitude, appearance and image; critique your assets and qualifications; assess your goals; develop your personal brand statement; update your resume; prepare for telephone and in-person interviews; review the protocol for office and luncheon interviews; how to write follow-up thank you notes; and how to project a polished image at networking events.


Successful business executives know that connecting with clients and colleagues over meals is essential to advancing careers and building relationships. Become the perfect host or guest at a power breakfast, business lunch, or deal-closing dinner. Our "Dine Like a Diplomat" comprehensive two-hour workshop at a restaurant will give you the dining and social skills you need to come across as a polished professional.

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