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Dining Etiquette

Dining Etiquette and Social Skills for Adults

This two-hour class will prepare participants to face any business or social cocktail party, reception or networking event with confidence and poise. You will learn:

        · How to Introduce Yourself and Others
        · How to Shake Hands with Confidence
        · How to Start a Conversation, Keep it Going and Gracefully Exit
        · How to Project a Positive Image
        · How to be Charming
        · How to be a Savvy Host and Gracious Guest
        · How to Gracefully Handle Food and Beverages The Protocol for Exchanging Business Cards
        · How to Dress Appropriately for the Occasion Dining Etiquette and Table Manners The Importance of RSVPs and Thank-You Notes

If your social skills are up to par, but your dining skills are not, then this dining tutorial is for you.THE ETIQUETTE SCHOOL OF NEW YORK is now conducting dining tutorials for individuals and self-organized groups.

        · Dining Dos and Don'ts
        · Understanding Place Settings
        · Taking Your Seat and Napkins
        · Stemware and Beverages.
        · The Bread Plate and How to Properly Eat Bread and Rolls
        · Rules for Eating Soup
        · Silverware Savvy
        · Continental and American Dining
        · Dealing with Unwanted Food
        · Passing Food at the Table
        · How to Eat Dessert with a Fork and Spoon
        · Wine Etiquette and Protocol
        · Toasting Etiquette
        · Protocol for Ordering, Seating, Paying, and Tipping

We invite you to schedule a group class with your friends and/or family in your home or at a restaurant. Our rate varies depending upon the size of the group.

You may now also schedule a private "Introduction to Table Manners and Dining Skills" tutorial at our office. For those who are uncomfortable with being instructed in a public setting, this is the perfect solution. You will be instructed in all topics outlined above, but no food will be served. The fee for a private one-on-one tutorial is $350.00 for one person.

Call 212-814-0355, or e-mail Eugene Coy at today to schedule an appointment.


Many of our social get-togethers are intended for adults, but some include children. Many children are ill equipped for going out to dinner or going to social events with family friends and relatives. To help alleviate the stress associated with bringing your children into these situations, we recommend you schedule a private dining and social skills tutorial in your home or at the restaurant of your choice. Your children will learn how to properly conduct themselves when meeting people, the protocol of dining, and how to polish their table manners so that meals at home or with others are enjoyable occasions. The following topics will be included:

        · Proper introductions: introducing self and others
        · Hand shaking with eye contact and good posture
        · How to take a seat at the table and how to sit when seated
        · The ABC's of table manners
        · How to read a table setting
        · How to correctly use utensils
        · American and Continental dining styles
        · Silverware, glasses, napkinsā€“the basics
        · How to eat difficult foods
        · Appropriate conversation at the table

For more information, or to schedule an appointment for your family, please call 212-814-0355