Building Kreations Graphic Desgin

Our design department believes that your website, graphic flyers, business cards, and other promotional materials should be your most profitable sales tool. We can help you convert your website visitors into leads and sales. Here we value the customer and with our help your website will become a tool to advertising your companies product. All our website templates have been created by an outside company. What we do is redesign the template to fit your target market.

Our design team can also help you turn your companies logo into a brand that will gain notable awareness. We are able to produce massive amounts of flyers as well as push cards. We also can take a sports league(s) logo and create a 20 mil decal to place on any equipment, or vehicle.

Building Kreations Apparel

Building Kreations Apparel has provided textile screen printing services to promotional products distributors, marketing firms, advertising agencies and end users throughout the country. If you want your own t-shirt with your own t-shirt design, we can produce it and ship it out to you.

We have a full time art department to take your design ideas and create great artwork for your custom orders. If you already have artwork please see the Artwork section of this page to learn how to get your art to us and see the requirements for customer supplied artwork.

Whatever your art needs are we can take care of them. Whether from concept to final print or cleaning up and repairing art that you already have. We have you covered. We can do the artwork for any products you sell - even the ones we don't produce!

Four Color Process Printing: We have the knowledge and experience necessary to produce true CMYK four color process on white and light substrates. Reproducing photographic images without having to print 10 colors will save you time and money.

Simulated Process on Light and Dark Substrates: We can recreate full color images using opaque pigmented inks and award winning separations on any color garment. We utilize a halftone under-base to create bright vivid prints without a heavy hand.

We print on your supplied goods or goods that we supply for you: T-shirts, jackets, bags, caps, aprons, sportshirts, shorts, sweatshirts, umbrellas & more! Fast Turnaround: Production time for most work is 5-10 business days from receipt of art and goods. Rush service is available from $75 and up.

We use all the latest technologies and controls to ensure that you get the highest quality and longest lasting imprints. Our automated production means our prices are competitive and your job gets done on time and correctly.

Kreations Greek Letters

Black Greek Letter organizations where created to provide brotherhood / sisterhood for African-Americans attending college. They were not welcome in the other established Greek Letter Societies so they created their own.

Make no mistake about it, if your letters aren't stained with Blood, Sweat & Tears then you are not passionate about your letters, no matter how old or young you may be. Letters that are worn across ones chest display PRIDE, LOYALTY & BROTHERHOOD OR SISTERHOOD....

All greek apparel is made of either heavyweight style such as the snap on varsity jackets. Patches are embroidered on front, back, left and right of certain items.

We have a assortment of styles for our Divine Nive Organization. We also have the traditional favorite of Negro League fans Jackets & Jerseys.

Our contemporary Commemorative styles sport brilliant color patches of Top NLB Teams. Sure to impress is our NEW NASCAR STYLE Jacket and the colorful WOOL RED SLEEVE Jacket.

We also carry the President Obama Varsity Jacket.

Chopper Kreations

We specialize in hand crafting motorcycles from the ground up. Their frames are fabricated in house with the help of Amen Motorcycles Mike Brown who made numerous appearances on television including the Discovery Channel's Great Biker Build Off.

Chopper Kreations is a full service facility. They have both metric and Harley specialists in house, along with a DynoJet Dyno, full machine shop, emmissions testing equipment, a complete line of specialty tools for getting the job done right, and service that's their number one product.

They offer complete engine rebuilds with dyno-proven horsepower increases, complete motorcycle tuning including high performance and race suspension set-ups, full motorcycle and services with over 25 years of experience.

We specialize in getting more horsepower out of engines and if you need a full restoration, some welding, electrical, or customization we can help.

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    "Good" art is very subjective. "Printable" and "functional" art are not. Select the link below called Building Kreations Apparel.

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    Looking for more options, add a name or a number to the back of any printed shirt, and add the Greek letters to the hood.

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    Now that the big custom fad is fading you have to ask yourself what is that I really need in a custom motorycle.