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    Yolande' Denise

    • Yolande Denise is a professional makeup artist and body painter with over seventeen years of experience working with actors, recording artists, and runway models. When asked about her craft she says, "I donʼt

    • believe that makeup makes anyone beautiful. It just enhances the beauty—that inner loveliness— that we all have." Known for her incredible versatility, creativity, and attention to detail, Yolandeʼ Denise has worked

    • with some of Hollywoodʼs brightest stars and legendary artists including MC Lyte, Fantasia, Faith Evans, Mary Mary, Melanie Fiona and many more. Her talent for body painting is showcased in her collaboration with top

    • video director, Dave Meyers, who enlisted Yolandeʼ Denise to create the unforgetable body art featured in Missy Elliot's award-winning music videos "Get Ur Freak On" and "Minute Man."

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